Do you want…

a higher state of energy, glowing skin, toxin + weight release and develop a stronger discipline?

Just simply having the discipline of taking 30 days worth of amazing supplements and/or following the whole 30 guidelines will translate into taking the upgrade in so many other areas! 

What is the 30day reset

The 30 day reset is a program in which we guide you through the doTERRA 30 day cleanse and restore program and a round of the Whole30.   This reset runs twice per year in April and October. The cleanse portion focuses on the amazing supplements that doTERRA offers. It’s a real chance to take the upgrade in so many ways! We’ve paired that with the Whole30 for AHMAZING results! The Whole30 eliminates the most common craving-inducing, blood sugar disrupting, gut-damaging, inflammatory food groups from your diet for a full 30 days. This essentially pushes the reset button on your health, habits, and relationship with food and the downstream physical and psychological effects of the food choices you’ve been making.

We have both personally had such great takeaways each time we commit to 30 days of investing in ourselves.


Choose your level to “play”

This reset is comprised of two components: doTERRA 30 day cleanse and restore but you have options!

Option 1: Join us for the doTERRA 30 day cleanse and restore

Option 2: Join us for a round of the Whole30

Option 3: Join us for both for maximum results and the deepest cleanse possible!

We invite you to come along…

Once you pick your level of play, decide what you need to get started.  To join us for the 30 day cleanse and restore portion, all you need is to purchase the cleanse and restore kit supplements. This will include your 1 year access to purchase essential oils, natural care products and supplements at 25% off.. whenever you want!

Ready to get started? If you are new to doTERRA head on over to this page and you will find the info you need to get started!

The items you will need include:

  • doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack
  • Zendocrine softgels
  • Terrazyme
  • GX Assist
  • PB Assist
  • DDR Prime Softgels
  • doTERRA Lemon essential oil.

If you are already a wholesale member with doTERRA, you can order what you need through your account. Ordering the cleanse and restore kit is the best way, as everything is bundled together for you! Don’t forget to make sure you are a part of our Facebook page where it’s all happening!

If you are joining us for the whole30, we have the perfect resource for you! Our new Whole30 meal plan. Complete with 6 weeks (we included the reintroduction period!) of meals plus the recipes right there- no searching!! You can check that out here.


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Words from past participants!

Today is Day 30 for me as well. I feel great!!! My pants fit better, my tummy is so much less bloated, I am thinking clearly and ready for reintroduction. I’m so curious to see how I react to some foods. I’m a sugar junky, so I’m going to take sugars very slowly and intentionally. My cravings are nearly non-existent, though. This has been a great experience!!! -Stephanie

Energy has increased, mental clarity is on point, I’m sleeping great and I’m in a better mood! Oh, and cravings are nonexistent…even considering my monthly cycle!!-Katie

I feel amazing…not dreading to waking and getting started rested, have energy to get up and go. Mental clarity and mid afternoon energy has been a plus for me, I would have been dragging some days at 3ish hour, not now! I have better digestion and sleep for sure. More momentum I would say for all over! This time was amazing picked up lots of tips! Just ordered coconut shortening making the bars tomorrow(Julie’s retreat dessert)! I love chocolate and that’s my Halloween treat! Lots I’ll carry with me! Lost pounds and increased water intake! Win! Win! All the way around !- Beth

Wow. Even though my 30 days haven’t been perfect, they have looked sooooo much different than my before so I call that SUCCESS!!!
I’ve experienced:
-less brain fog
-way more energy
-way fewer hot flashes and mood swings
-clearer skin
-weight loss! (Which I didn’t anticipate!)
This is opened my eyes to so much. I’ve also experienced a growth in my understanding of discipline and how important it is to every aspect of life. I’m so grateful for this group and this journey!!- Kristen

“Disclaimer: Whole30 is not a weight loss diet. It is an elimination diet meant to give you more insight on what food groups may be wreaking havoc on your body. However, if your diet prior to Whole30 is as bad as mine was (i.e.- you drink your calories- soda, sweet tea, a little coffee with your creamer; you eat fast food more times per week than you eat at home; dessert is an everyday thing instead of an occasional treat, etc.) then you WILL lose weight. There is just no way around it. So, if you complete Whole30 and don’t lose weight, feel victorious in the fact that your diet was probably pretty good to start with and just gain insight from your body’s reaction to the different food groups during reintroduction. The program will still be highly beneficial!Now on to my visual results from Whole30:

* I lost 14.4 pounds!!
* I lost 6.5 inches overall
-2 inches from my waist
-1/2 inch off each thigh
-1 inch off each calf
-1.5 inches off my hips
* My clothes fit so much better! In fact, I probably need to size down on my dress pants for work.
* Less puffiness in my face (see picture)

So there you have it. Nothing but positive results so far for me. I’ll continue to post throughout my Reintroduction phase, but really, this part of the program will probably be different for everyone. I’m reintroducing legumes today. Oh how I have missed black beans and hummus!! Here’s to hoping my body can tolerate them with little to no discomfort!” -Lori

“So…I wanted to share our family’s results with you all.
I lost about 8 pounds. I was really hoping for more. I didn’t get to actually work out but one day, but I did get probably twice as many steps in each day. I will say overall I feel so much better. My skin looks better than it has in a while. My hair looks better as well.
My daughter lost about 9 pounds and fought off her love for chocolate which is huge. She also seemed to have more energy.
My husband lost about 14 pounds! This is the same man who couldn’t eat without 3-4 pieces of bread every meal. He is so much more energized. He has even been more open to trying different foods, which is huge!!
We have also been able to get the littles to try different foods.
I do have to say that I struggled a lot! What I struggled with was choices of different foods. What I mean by that is I have some very picky eaters! I absolutely love different foods and was raised in veggies, so that was easy on me, but not them. Another way I struggled was finding products that were Whole 30 compliant. Lastly, I struggled with the amount of time in the kitchen preparing the food. I have NEVER chopped so many veggies and had to put so much thought in what to cook next. I have always cooked meals before now, but never spent so much time meal prepping.
We are planning on continuing this journey with Whole Foods. We will have times like when we are out and about that we will probably eat out, but we really want to continue eating healthy. I want to be more efficient and effective with this whole process. I know it is what is best for us all. I also intend to start working out again at least 3-4 times a week as soon as school is over with so I can be the best/healthiest me for my family. Thanks for all the encouragement!❤️”- Trudi

“I really enjoyed this journey! The highs and lows. I learned alot about food and myself. Excited to take what I have learned and incorporate it into my routine. Thanks for leading the way!”- Jessica