32. The Power of a Reset

with Julie Davey and Kari Coody

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Show notes

Kari and Julie share with you the importance of a reset and what that means. We all have the best intentions of taking care of ourselves, but when we wear so many hats its easy to get off track. The reset is not a quick fix or just for weight loss, it is a mind shift and a way to better care for ourselves.

What is the reset exactly? It is a combination ofdoTerra’s cleanse and restore kit + Whole30. We find that these two programs work amazingly well together. Our bodies get overloaded with toxins and we need help to flush them out.

The Whole30 is an eating plan for 30 days that is all about resetting your health, habits, and relationship with food. The premise is that certain food groups may be having a negative impact on your health and quality of life without you even realizing it.  Even so called “healthy” foods!

The cleanse is going to help you rebuild your cells and clean out your gut to give you a clean slate. Through Whole30 you will find your food freedom and realize how your body responds to different foods.

If this all sounds intimidating, don’t you worry! Kari and Julie are going to be here to help you every step of the way!

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