38. Raising children naturally with Brittany Davidson, doTERRA Diamond Leader

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Show notes

In December 2013, Brittany Davidson was in a job that she loved, a non-profit for emergency services for children at Vanderbilt University. But, there was this ugly glass ceiling looking straight down at her, nowhere to move up at the young age of 25. Her parents and husband would ask her the same question, “What do you want to do with your passion?” For the first time in her life she felt hopeless. Brittany had at Business Communications degree, a background in design and a heart for healthy living but nowhere to apply it.

That year she was plagued with numerous health issues involving her digestive and endocrine systems. To the extent of being admitted to the ER, having large bills a newlywed, and being worried every day that her symptoms would reoccur, she could not even attend social events.

Her mother discovered doTERRA as a tool to help with debilitating back pain. Through divine intervention, a sorority sister and Registered Dietician, Kristen Pardue introduced her to doTERRA and the rest is history. She asks herself many times now, “What would I do without these oils?”. She has become a healer in her home.  Quickly she learned what she would do for the rest of my life and would empower other women to do the same.

“The world NEEDS healed people, those healed people then go on to help heal the world.”







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