39. The Gift of Resting Well

with Victoria Mininger

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Show notes

Victoria is a wife, Mom of 4, owner of a small construction firm in Central Virginia, and ‘hands in the dirt’ gardner and farm girl.  Victoria is also a storyteller and speaker for women, encouraging them that “who they are is enough no matter how messy their stories might be.” Being a 2 on the Enneagram, Victoria dove head first into doing all that she could to help others, but it took a toll on her body. Victoria realized that she needed to learn how to say no, slow down, and take care of herself. Victoria walks through her process of healing and working through depression one step at a time. After taking one more step and then one more step, she was able to complete two marathons! Victoria now leads a depression group at her church where she is able to help others walk through their journey with depression too.

The daily upgrade that makes the biggest difference for her is the routine of getting up in time to have a quiet time and planning out her day. Victoria is also trying to teach her daughters how to practice self-care and make sure that they are learning that it is important to take time for themselves.

Reading –Braving The Wilderness by Brene Brown

Struggles – staying on routine

Favorite snack- blueberries

Favorite indulgence- french fries

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