Become intentional+ clear on your priorities. Are your plans always “one-day” type of things. Are you outsourcing your power?? So much of work in this area is not done because people do not have the self-worth. That is what is missing if you drill it down to the core. Especially for women.


Let’s start out by thinking about 2 questions about this topic


  1. In thinking about the 4 areas of your life: financial, spiritual, social, physical which of these 4 do you think stands out as one that you need to focus the most on?

When you come up with this- what is the minimum that you could do? Don’t think you have to go all out, just try to shift the needle a little bit. That is how you create true change because it’s not short-lived, it’s long lasting.

  1. What if this was up to you? What if you didn’t wait for anyone else to do this for you or help you? What would that look like


  • 5 habits to shift your health- Are you worth it?

    • Drink a large bottle of water (24 oz)  between every meal- add in EO
    • Be in bed by 10:30-screens off an hour prior- use oils for sleep, a great oil that we recommend is Serenity.
    • Replaced one meal a day with a delish salad. Check out these tips on making a great salad!
    • Took an Epsom salt bath 2x per week
    • Green up: replace air fresheners with diffuser + make 1 DIY cleaner a week