50. Enneagram + Oils: Harmony triad 2-5-8

With Teresa Mccloy and Kari Coody

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Show notes

The second of the harmony triads are 2, 5, and 8. Teresa explains exactly what the enneagram is and what exactly the harmony triads are. Today is day two of the harmony triad series, so make sure you go back and watch the first podcast on 1-4-7. The body center of the second triad is the 8. They pursue justice and peace, they fight for the underdog. Many times 8s are seen as confrontational. When 8s are healthy and in their authentic self, they are confident, strong and resourceful. When 8s are on the edge they come across as aggressive, insensitive and intimidating. Arborvitae is the oil for the 8 center, because it helps to give grace. The arborvitae is a grounding oil and can help 8s to slow down and get grounded.

The 2s are called the helper and very loving. 2s want to be liked and focus their attention to the needs of others if they are not careful they can become resentful of over helping. A 2 in their authentic self is warm, generous, and supportive. In their adaptive side, the 2s can come across as clingy, angry or possessive. The oil that is inviting for the 2 is bergamot. The bergamot is helpful in letting 2s say no to everything.

5s are the headspace of the triad and are investigators at heart. They gather a lot of information to know as much about something that they can. They have the ability to see original possibilities and put them in sequence. Authentically, 5s are objective, focused and systematic, but in their adaptive place, they can seem intellectually arrogant, cynical and stingy.  The oil for the 5 is douglas fir. Douglas fir is fresh, clean and almost sweet. The oil is great to help 5s get out of their head and help share their wisdom with others. Douglas fir allows releasing of harmful patterns.

The oils in this triad can be used individually and also together. Make a roller bottle or diffuse them in the diffuser to help you feel inspired. Also, opening up the oil bottle and dropping one drop on the hand and smelling the oil out of the palms of your hands is a great quick way to take advantage of the oils.

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