52. Enneagram + Oils: Harmony triad 3-6-9

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Show notes

The last of the harmony triad are numbers 3, 6, and 9.  This is the last podcast in our enneagram series . If you are just tuning in make sure that you go back and listen to the others. In the 3-6-9 triad, the 3 is the heart space, the 6 is the headspace and the 9 is the body space.

The 3 is the achiever and is very organized. They are able to adapt to situations. The 3s can be intense and optimistic. The oil that Kari recommends is Tangerine oil. Tangerine is good to help 3s not feel overburdened or weighed down. Often 3s live in the future and live their lives very leader driven, tangerine helps 3s to experience the moment.

The type 6 is often viewed as dutiful.  They are team players and they often question everything. Sixes can be very loyal, are great problem solvers and endearing. The oil for 6 is Frankincense to help them get out of their fear and into their truth.

Those in the 9 triad are peacemakers and are also very supportive but, they can get stuck because they dislike conflict. Nines can back away and seem distant. Spearmint is the oil for 9s because it is the oil of speech. The 9s can hide in their speech so that it doesn’t hurt anyone, but the spearmint helps them to articulate well and say what they want to say.

The oils in this triad can be used individually and also together. Make a roller bottle or diffuse them to help you feel inspired. Also, opening up the oil bottle and dropping one drop in the hand and smelling the oil is a easy way to take advantage of the oils.

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