56. Your 7 day shift cleanse with Julie and Kari

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Show notes

Kari’s first detox/cleanse that she ever did was the Daniel plan about 4 or 5 years ago. The biggest change that Kari notices after a cleanse is that she has more energy and feels more clear. After participating in cleanse or detox Kari has realized that they get easier each time that she does a detox. The point of a detox is to start habits that will stay with you and enrich your diet for the rest of your life.

For Julie the cleanses and detoxes that she has done in the past have helped her to make small changes that stick with her and help her to make better choices. Cutting dairy and gluten from her diet has helped Julie realize that she can satisfy her cravings and nutritional desires.

The 7-day shift is not just about your diet, we like to incorporate dry brushing, detox baths, and tongue scraping to help our bodies detox in other ways than the food we eat.

We believe in community and helping hold each other accountable and encourage one another. The 7days is a number that we believe is an attainable time.

Essentials for success with the 7-day detox is the life long vitality pack, Terrazyme, PB assists, Zendocrine soft gels, lemon and grapefruit oils for the water, Zendocrine oil and juniper berry are both great for the detox bath.

The premise of the 7 day shift is to give our bodies a break to help cleanse on a deeper level, all while keeping a positive attitude about the food that we can have and can enjoy.

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