58. What are Detox Pathways and are yours open?

with Lauren Keller

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Show notes

Lauren graduated with a MA in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University as well as a MS in Nursing from Emory University.  She is a licensed APRN and Certified Nurse Midwife. Lauren spent 7 years of her life working in hospitals throughout the USA, delivering babies and providing GYN care to under-served populations.  However, in 2013, everything changed and she became extremely ill with Lyme disease, POTS and mold toxicity. After 1.5 years of searching for answers within the standard western medical system and realizing they didn’t have any, this sparked her journey into functional medicine and alternative healthcare.  She became an expert in chronic stealth infections and found wellness through detoxification methods, brain retraining and functional medicine. After her recovery, she became dedicated to finding the root cause of illness for her patients and devoted her practice to those suffering from the same chronic illnesses that she once had.  Lauren now exclusively treats her patients using functional medicine and mind-body medicine techniques.

In her spare time, Lauren enjoys horseback riding, yoga, time at the beach and reading. She is on a lifelong mission to continue learning and growing to best serve her patients.

After struggling with Lyme disease, Lauren took a turn in her career to help others with their struggles with chronic illness. Lauren discusses detoxing and why it is so important. We are inundated with chemicals in our shampoos, lotions and cleaning materials and although we have organs in our body that detox for us, it is important to help our body to flush out those toxins.

One of the biggest signs that ones detox pathways aren’t open is when he or she is not having regular bowel movements. Sweating is also a great way to detoxify, wearing deodorant that has harsh chemicals will clog up your lymphatic system. Using an armpit mask is a wonderful way to clean out the lymphatic system. By simply mixing a bentonite clay and some apple cider vinegar and smearing it on the armpits, much like a face mask. Diet is also crucial. Make sure that fiber and water intake is high. Hydration is key and adding things like dandelion or ginger teas will help to detox. Saunas and hot yoga are other options for opening up the sweat pathways.

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