59. Eating for your body type

with Maggie Berghoff

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Show notes

Maggie Berghoff is a functional medicine nurse practitioner-turned-health entrepreneur who works with high-level executives, entrepreneurs, and some of the most influential leaders in the world.  She guides you to create an environment for success and to develop a healthy peak performance lifestyle from the inside out.

Maggie works with clients who have autoimmune diseases, but also with clients that have hormonal and gut issues. Finding out what the root of the problem is instead of just taking medicine is very important to Maggie.

Biochemical individuality is a big word to say that your body is unique. So even if you have the same symptoms as someone else doesn’t mean that the treatment will be the same. Functional testing can help one to find the best way to create the perfect game plan for healing one’s body.

Maggie is trying to end the diet cycle or yo-yo diet trends. In Maggie’s practice, she encourages getting to know the individual’s body and understanding what the best nutrition plan is.  Breathing is also a way to slow the body down and helps the body to relax, this will also help to not overeat.

Maggie loves almond butter and apples, self-development books and her special morning treat is a good matcha latte.

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