60. Top signs your hormones are out of balance

with The Organic Dietitian

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Show notes

Today on the podcast we share an interview with The Organic Dietitian, Sara Korzeniewski.  As return guest, Sara’s first episode was one of our most listened to podcasts! Be sure to listen to episode 10 where Sara shares the biggest mistakes people make when healing their gut.

This episode is all about hormones. Sara shares how one’s diet can affect the hormonal balance. The top 3 issues that may indicate  hormone imbalance are 1) irregular periods 2) trouble losing weight 3) cyst, fibroids, and gallbladder issues as these can be indicative of estrogen dominance.

Sara highly recommends doing the homework and finding as much information as possible when it comes to birth control. Using birth control pills can contribute to a lot of gut issues and hormone imbalances.

Gut health and hormonal balance go hand in hand. If you have gut issues, your hormones are going to have issues as well.

Some tests that Sara recommends for are GI mapping and dutch testing. HTMA or Hair Trace Mineral Analysis is another test that Sara recommends that shows the heavy metals in your body. Looking at the thyroid, getting a full panel test and making sure that the person that is evaluating the test is reading the results thoroughly are key.

Sara suggests removing toxins and supporting healthy gut through diet.

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