61. Natural Ways To Improve Your Brain Health

with Dr. Danielle Daniel

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Show notes

Danielle is a licensed clinical social worker and is working on her dissertation for her doctorate in psychology. Danielle incorporates essential oils with her mental health therapy. Danielle began incorporating essential oils into her own routine and after experiencing some shifts in her life she began exploring oils for health benefits. Soon, Danielle began diffusing wild orange in her therapy sessions and realized how much clients began opening up. Danielle dives into what happens to the brain when using essential oils aromatically. Eating a healthy diet and not eating foods that cause inflammation are also important. Danielle is dedicated to giving people hope and even though there is often not an immediate answer to the problem, there is hope. The oils that Danielle are loving right now are Bergamot which helps with mood and stress, Copaiba which helps with addictions and stress, and also Neroli which helps with depression and serotonin levels.

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