Episode 63: All Things Fasting: Intermittent Fasting, Fat Fasting, 24 Hour Fasts, Fasted Workouts

with Lindsay Huelse

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Show notes

Lindsay lives in the North Houston area in a little suburb called The Woodlands, Texas with her husband of three years and their Vizsla Elmer. She is the creator of The FAST Track To Fit which is a lifestyle method that combines intermittent fasting and carb cycling in a holistic and comprehensive way. Lindsay’s background is in nursing which is why she is so passionate about the health and wellness industry. She has seen and been a part of the entire spectrum of life from L&D to home health and hospice, which is where she ended her corporate career. Lindsay is on a mission to empower women to ditch the quick fix mindset and create a sustainable lifestyle!

Lindsay is a return guest! If you missed her last podcast make sure that you check out episode 28!

Today, we discuss intermittent fasting, which is shortening the time  that you allow yourself to eat to a specific window. Lindsay busts myths about intermittent fasting and shares tricks on how to be healthy and successful while you fast.

The benefits of fasting are giving your body time to breakdown or cleanse your cells so that you are able to refuel with fresh cells. Eating between a 6-8 hour window and fasting for about 16-18 hours is typical.

Fasting allows you to understand your body more and also reset your body from using sugar for fuel to burning fat. Make sure that you are doing the fast to promote cell rejuvenation and not to punish yourself for eating poorly the day before.

Fasted workouts are a type of fasting that allows your body to burn fat. Not eating before working out allows you to burn the carbs and fat first. Then after your workout, it is ok not to eat right after you finish. When you do eat, you will want to eat protein and complex carbs so that your muscles will soak up all the glycogen.

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