81. She Works His Way

with Michelle Myers

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Show notes

Michelle Myers is passionate about helping women pursue excellence in their work while protecting their priorities of faith and family. In a world that teaches more and wide, Michelle teaches pursuing less and deep. She’s the founder of she works His way, a membership portal for Christian women who work. Michelle is also the author of Famous in Heaven and at Home: a 31-Day Character Study of the Proverbs 31 Woman, the creator of the swHw Business Tracker, a quarterly resource for holy hustle, and creator of Network Marketing Nobility. But her favorite titles are wife (She and James celebrated 11 years of marriage in 2019!) and mom to Noah (8), Cole (5) and Shea (2).

Michelle Myers started by sharing how everything grows from a simple Google hangout conversation, which she uses at first as an outlet to reach out to different women, and now they have about eleven hundred members.

“It’s not easy to live in a world that so easily distracts us and wants to keep us from doing what matters most”, this is the statement Michelle mentioned when she shared how and why their conversation started, during the time when social media is the only platform they use. Then, when they talk about topics that are not appropriate in social media or public forums, this leads them to develop a membership platform, which allows them to connect on a weekly basis and followed by that need for a daily touch.

Michelle described their program as a unique conference, where they combine spiritual retreat, personal development, and work development. Michelle started with network marketing before entering this field, she was able to learn how to balance different responsibilities. She learned the process of business structure when she was exposed with sales, marketing, and leading a team. “it was such a great training ground to be able to learn a well-rounded approach to what it takes to run a business”, she added.

Michelle said, “The internet brought all of these work from home opportunities into the lives of Christian women,” when she discussed their journey in building their business. One of the most important realizations she shared is that A business and building a career is not a bad thing unless it takes away from the main thing. They aim to share information and put them not only to the listener’s head but also goes straight to their hearts. Michelle called this as something that is not information in isolation, it is content with the community.

For more info and to connect with Michelle:
Instagram: @sheworkshisway
Instagram: @michelllmyers