Is sugar an addiction you struggle with?  If so, you are definitely NOT alone! Sugar alone is one if not the most addictive and harmful substances we consume on a daily basis.

That’s totally me!

The average person consumes far more than the recommended allowance and honestly, any refined sugar wreaks havoc on our body.  It causes disease, inflammation, poor gut health, and so much more.

You are probably already aware of this to some degree, right? Now, what if you could ditch it once and for all? How amazing would you feel?!  The answer is, better than you ever thought possible! You’d feel better than you have in years, possibly ever!  We know because we’ve been there.

 For years, we tried everything to break up with sugar but kept going back for more.  Finally, we called it off for good!  And, we want to teach you the steps to do that too!

We’ve put everything in this course that we wish we would have had when we started this journey so many years ago.  From knowing what sugar truly does to our body, how it hides (really well!) in SO many things, to uncomplicating the overwhelming area of artificial sweeteners and natural sweeteners- we simplify it all!

Knowing where to start and giving you a stepwise approach that is totally doable and clearly laid out- that’s what this course is all about!

I’m ready to beat the sugar addiction!