The Enneagram


Let me introduce you to my most favorite tool EVER to discover why are you the way you are… something I think we all want to know more about —right?! This has been one of the greatest tools I’ve used (besides the Bible of course) to understand why God made me the way he did and how to move into more of my real self. To step into the fullness He already sees me as
🙋🏻New to this? The Enneagram is an assessment that asks you questions about why you do what you do. It describes 9 types of human nature- all based upon core fears.
You might be wondering, how do I find out what my type is? 🤷🏻‍♀️Glad you asked! I’m teaming up with my brilliant friend Teresa McCloy who is always excited to help others navigate the enneagram!! If you do not know your number click here for the test + a 1-hour assessment to sort through it! This helped me SO much, as it can be confusing. OR you can totally do it solo style- google “WEPSS” and take the assessment to find out your number.  If you choose to work with Teresa, you will receive a custom blend made JUST FOR YOU! Pretty cool right?! Just make sure to put in the promo code OILS to get that for free!
We are teaming up to bring you a series on the enneagram + oils as you’ve never seen before! This “Harmony Triad Model” helped me understand the Enneagram in such an authentic way. It focuses on three equally important Centers of Intelligence–the Head (5,6,7), the Heart (2,3,4) and the Body (8,9.1). Different from other models, the Harmony Triad allows each Enneagram Type connection to the head, heart, and body center. Access to all three centers most readily brings full circle awareness and invites us to transformation in order to live authentically as our best REALSELF.
I’ll be sharing more on what the enneagram has meant for me, traits of the different centers and specifically with our self-care challenge coming up, how we can identify the best ways to take care of ourselves through knowing more of “why we do what we do”😊

Hi, I’m Kari, and I’m a five🙋🏻
It all made so much sense–

👉🏻I recharge alone
👉🏻I can tend to stay in my head… a lot
👉🏻I love to learn + collect info
👉🏻I think in systems, logically
👉🏻I can set up boundaries in a hot second
👉🏻I see a situation/issue for what it is- leaving emotion out
All of these things made a lot more sense when really digging into why I thought or acted the way I do. I wasn’t weird of different, I was just- well ME! My need for understanding is huge and this was like hitting the jackpot! I really love the harmony triad way of looking at the enneagram, because it is about really leaning into the fullness that God made us to be. Realizing that I was lacking in connecting with my heart and why was revolutionary.

The Centers

Within the enneagram, there are 3 intelligence centers that I want to dive deeper into with you all to bring more understanding to this whole thing.


The Instinctive Center (8, 9, 1)

In the instinctive ( aka gut) triad, these folks take in the world and process through their gut instincts. They respond at gut level honesty and directly, often saying “ this is what I know”. If you ask them what they think you better be ready 😬. A little more on each number within this center:

👉🏻8: the powerful person
Direct, straight forward and independent are some words used to describe them. They are attracted to and appreciate power. I love how they bring others in and craft plans for action. You can usually find Activator as one of their top strengths!💥

👉🏻9: the peaceful person
They bring a calm, reassuring and non-judgmental presence wherever they are. So genuine and accepting , nines are usually everyone’s fav person to be around 💕 Harmony is what they most often bring as a gift to others.

1: the good person
Deeply valuing goodness, they are dedication to excellence. Their clarity and focus is refreshing and a strong sense of justice cause them to take action on a cause close to their heart.

The Feeling Center (2,3,4)

 This center, also known as heart center, takes in the world through feelings. You will most often hear them say “this i the way I feel”, they are always seeking approval driven by feelings, image and conscience.

👉🏻2: the loving person
Giving, generous, and helpful – you want these people in your life! They are supportive and nurturing- truly building up people is their super power! They seem to have an intuitive sense for what others want, feel and need.

👉🏻3: the effective person
These are the get er’ done people! Naturally strategic, effective , productive and competent – they are probably running most companies today 🙌🏻 A jack of all trades – knowing instinctively what people expect and become just that.

4: the original person
They make the ordinary extraordinary and find beauty in the mundane- talk about a zest for life! Super creative and imaginative, they bring such life into the world!

The Thinking Center (5,6,7)

This thinking center, also known as the head center, processes by thoughts and looking carefully before taking action. They process the world through thinking. You might hear them say often “ this is what I think”. Here is some additional info to chew on about each number in this center!

👉🏻5: the wise person
Wisdom is the name of the game. We always want to know the truth, understand and discover what really is. Need a listening, non-judgmental ear?? Better find a 5😊 discipline, focus and or learner are often top strengths of a 5.

👉🏻6: the loyal person
The most faithful and dedicated people you will ever meet! They have deep respect for for order and authority. They really trust themselves and don’t need much validation from others.

👉🏻7: the joyful person
If you don’t have a 7 in your life, well you are missing out! The need to enjoy life, celebrate and recognize everything as a gift is strong! The most optimistic person you will ever meet, they can find the silver lining in anything!

Self-care by numbers

I thought it would be fun to look at each number in the various centers we are going through and zero in on some great ideas for self-care related to each personality!
Let’s start with the instinctive center (8s,9s, and 1s):
🏃🏻‍♀️An 8 would love to invest in adventure, cardio, regular retreats as part of their self-care.
😴For 9s —to focus on enough sleep, more fresh air, and time to process+ just be are all fantastic ways to recharge!
🙅🏻‍♀️1s, well they need to tell the inner critic “no”! let. it. go would be a great thing to practice more 🤪 and finding ways to “play” would be so important!

If I were a 2,3 or 4 how could I take some time out for me….
Hey yo 2, just say no! You need time for yourself my friend, and that’s not selfish! Also, consider journaling and massage/spa day (getting pampered)- twist my arm, will you!?🙋🏻‍♀️
The goal for a 3: a day without a goal🤪 Spending time with people that know who’s behind the mask is so refreshing. And let’s exercise without competing, mkay?
In a 4s world, taking time for themselves is such a restoring act. Listening to music helps them escape and using creative outlets are huge! 🤓
How will you take time out for yourself today?!

self-care for the “thinking folks” (5,6,7)🤯
For a 6, hospitality and/ or coffee dates can be a great way to fill your cup! And planning is time well spent for you. Might I suggest a nice hot bath while planning out your next day 🛁
Fellow 5s – what fills me up the most ?! a daily workout routine, limiting interruptions, and ahhhh -solitude! I can hear the peace and quiet now 🙋🏻‍♀️
Okay you fun loving 7s- go scheduling alone time! Like right now 😬frequent travel is like a must and bullet journaling can keep it fun while getting all those thoughts and ideas out.

I hope this was super helpful in your continuing Enneagram journey OR for you to discover your number and learn more about yourself!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀



The Road Back to You by Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile  *beginners start here!

Spiritual Rhythms for the Enneagram by Calhoun & Loughrige

The Essential Enneagram by David Daniels & Virginia Price 

The Path Between Us by Suzanne Stabile 


The Enneagram in your Realife: Teresa Mccloy *beginners start here!


The Road back to you

Check out allll the deets in this free guide

I highly encourage you to take advantage of this free resource Teresa and I have put together for you! It gives you some really insightful info on each number plus how you use essential oils to really tap into a deeper connection! Head on over to this post for more details on that:)

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