In 2013, Kari was introduced to essential oils and Julie was her first convert! This was THE tool we had been looking for and so much changed for us personally and for our families when we brought them into our home.

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As healthcare professionals,

we saw right away that not only could essential oils impact our home, but we knew others could benefit so much from these tools. They are the new healthcare and we look forward to help you learn more in your journey to better health!

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Why doTERRA?

Oils are sourced from where they grow in the wild and undergo more than 54 different tests, 11 of those are by a 3rd party,  from harvest to bottling.
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Where Do I Start?

Let us make it as simple as possible … a dōTERRA wholesale membership works just like a Costco or SAMs club membership. This is the best and cheapest way to purchase oils and products.


The majority of people begin by purchasing a starter kit but you could also open the account for $35 and add whichever items you’d like at the wholesale price.

{All of the starter kits dōTERRA offers have the wholesale membership included}.

Starter bundles


With your membership and all of the starter kits, you become part of a resourceful oil community and have instant access to training and education that we offer. To start, see how much you can do with just the top 10 oils!

Top 10 Oils Usage Guide


There is never an obligation to sell oils or order monthly … absolutely no strings attached. But if you are interested in creating residual income and financial freedom for your family, there is a business opportunity available for you. We can discuss this more during our welcome call if it interests you.

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