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ReleasedNov 07, 2018

Shawn Lemon Founder of The Digital Organizer Worked at Apple for over 7 years Shawn Lemon is a motivated entrepreneur that loves to “take the upgrade” by making the most of the opportunities that are available. That might mean going on a trip or buying extra storage for your phone so that you have room for the pictures from your awesome trip! Shawn also shares how relationships are so vital when taking the upgrade. Listen in for that!! Check out www.facebook.com/TheDigitalOrganizer/ for FREE tips on how to manage your screen time usage, limiting notifications, and how to automate things so that you can be more present. Shawn encourages us to take control by organizing our surroundings, both living space and workspace. Some of Shawn’s tips concerning technology are: Limit notifications Enable Screentime Organize your workspace   What books Shawn is reading: Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon The Watchmaker Of Filigree Street by Natasha Pulley Favorite Snacks: Homemade Orange Juice Pops Indulgence: So Delicious Ice Cream Pops Mocha Flavored

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