Episode 13 The Process of Letting Go

with Cayla Craft

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Show notes

Released Nov 14, 2018

Cayla Craft, Host of Mommy Millionaire Podcast, is a mom of three, a self-made Millionaire, and a lifestyle entrepreneur. As a California native, she went from saving lives as a nurse in the ER working from 9-5 to helping women pursue a passion for owning their own business. Her first taste of success began when she created an organization of 60k+ people for Isagenix, a company that sells health and wellness supplements. Using that business-building knowledge as a foundation, she branched out as a Business Strategist and found incomparable satisfaction from helping others achieve success. Cayla has inspired thousands of women to believe in themselves as entrepreneurs and business women.

Her main goal is to help women shamelessly pursue their ambitions and grow their business to 7 figures. Cayla created Mommy Millionaire to fill a void of community driven by women that desire to uplift, encourage and rally each other’s success. Mommy Millionaire seeks to pour out practical tips and business know-how that is current and relevant to what is working today. Cayla is an expert in speaking about sales, culture, and online marketing with experience in keynote speeches on connecting. In the podcast, Cayla shares the 7 step process that helped her “let go” of some baggage and move forward in life and her career. 1-Identify the complaint- share it as a story and not as a fact. 2-Identify the lense that you see the story and your life through. For example, the lense of I am nothing, I am ashamed, or I am not good enough. 3-Put yourself in the other person’s shoes. 4-Notice how you are holding the person accountable for agreements they never made. 5- Your opinion is the source of your suffering- deleting the opinion of how the other person should act is incredibly freeing! 6-How have you been a hypocrite? 7- Ask for forgiveness and express gratitude for who you are.

Cayla encourages women to step out of their comfort zone, push through the pain and discomfort to enable themselves to become a better person. Something that Cayla tells her clients is “What you resist, will persist!” To Cayla, taking the upgrade means getting up every morning at 5am and starting her day on a positive note. The most pivotal upgrade that Cayla has ever taken was upgrading her standards and wanting more for her life. Non-negotiables for Cayla are working out, eating healthy, journaling everyday, and spending quality time with her kids! Cayla is reading The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino and Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin. One thing that Cayla cannot live without right now is spin class! Cayla wishes that people knew that not everything comes easily for her.  One of her favorite snacks is celery with hummus and “fat bombs”.

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