Episode 15 Integrative Medicine

with Dr. Kirsten Hampton

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Show notes

ReleasedNov 28, 2018

Dr. Hampton was born and raised in Georgia. She attended the University of Georgia and Mercer University. Dr. Hampton is married with three teenage children and owns a medical practice in Macon, Georgia. Dr. Hampton shares what integrative/complementary medicine is and how she uses this approach in her practice. Dr. Hampton believes that diet, fitness, supplements, massage therapy, reflexology and other holistic approaches are all complimentary treatment modalities to traditional medicine. Some examples of success with this approach in her practice include using cedarwood essential oil for anxious feelings and reflexology for pain control. Dr. Hampton explains that knowing where your vitamins and supplements come from and how they are sourced is so important because there are not a lot of restrictions on how supplements are processed.

You can connect with Dr. Hampton here:

 Family Specialty Care   4310 Hartley Bridge Rd Suite A,   Macon, GA 31216   (478) 788-4007

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