Episode 20. How losing 65 lbs redefined

my body and my life

with Alex Garzaro, The Grindbabe

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Show notes

For over a decade, Alex has been helping women build healthy bodies and lifestyles by teaching them how to incorporate fitness into their lives and not structuring their lives around fitness. She is a mother to two amazing boys, a wife to her high school sweetheart and an advocate for living your best life without restrictions, but simply in balance. Alex has been able to transform her body along with helping hundreds of other women both physically and mentally. She went from a size 14 to compete in a bikini competition on the MGM stage in Las Vegas! Placing top 10 out of hundreds of women!

Alex lost 65 pounds in the process and has kept it off for a decade. Alex teaches women how to start transforming their lives by taking back control of their bodies. By learning that it’s okay to eat cookies and pizza 🙂  It’s simply about learning to balance your food intake for the day. Also, building a workout routine that fits into your schedule. Her mission is to stop the yo-yo effect and the idea of ‘quick fixes’ for weight loss. She is passionate about educating women on macro nutrition, training with intensity vs. duration and in the process help them rebuild their confidence.

After having kids and becoming a stay at home mom, Alex began to overeat and gained weight.  She was in a negative mindset and she knew she needed to make some changes. Alex decided to start working out and making small daily changes. She was forced to face her truths and be honest with herself in order to move forward and make the necessary changes. Alex began documenting her transformation online and sharing her progress. After seeing the changes in Alex, followers began asking her to share tips.  Soon after, she began coaching other women.

Alex wants to encourage women to stop babying themselves and to just get started. If you are beginning a new workout, go all in and don’t automatically go for the modifications. Push yourself a little! Alex teaches that balance is more important than restrictions and that diets are not important but a lifestyle change is what will ultimately get the results you desire.

‘Taking the upgrade’ to Alex means embracing the next version of herself and moving forward. Daily non-negotiables for Alex are starting her day with a good meal and journaling. Alex encourages others to read Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover, but currently, she is reading Work Party by Jaclyn Johnson, and Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. Something that Alex can’t live without is collagen-infused coffee and shoes. One thing that people don’t know is that Alex still struggles with her confidence. She loves to snack on Skinny Popcorn and sprinkles it with Kettle Seasons.  She also loves a good protein bar!

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