Episode 21: Work Hard and Dream Big

with Sherri Vreeman

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Show notes

Sherri grew up southern California but now lives in Minnesota with her husband and family. Taking the upgrade for Sherri means choosing to be fearless and being intentional about trying things that are new or scary. Sherri has people around her that she calls “power partners”.  Those who encourage her to step out and do things that help her take the upgrade.

The most pivotal upgrade Sherri took was becoming an entrepreneur! This gave her the freedom to be at home with her children which was very important to her.    The non-negotiables for Sherri are spending time with the Lord every day, keeping constant communication with her husband, and time blocking her schedule. Sherri wishes that people knew how much the Lord can change his or her life. She also wishes more people knew that essential oils can change their life too!

Symphony of the Cells is the book that Sherri is reading right now, but she loves reading the Bible and self-help books too.  Sherri enjoys listening to podcasts by Joseph Prince. One thing that Sherri can’t live without are protein shakes with Terra greens and collagen. A favorite snack is a simple cup of coffee. Her favorite indulgences are organic pumpkin pie and other healthy desserts.

Connect with Sherri:

Instragram: @sherri_vreeman

Facebook: @sherri.hoytvreeman

Website: https://linktr.ee/sherri_vreeman

Email: essentialscoach@gmail.com


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