Episode 22: How I Healed My Skin, Gut and Hormones

with Dani Ferguson

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Show notes

Dani is a Holistic Nutritionist and the Founder and Creator of Detoxing with Dani. After suffering from chronic digestive problems, being chronically sick throughout college, constantly yo-yo dieting and relentless adult cystic acne, Dani created a community where she could share her experiences and how she overcame them all with food, nutrition and trusting herself again with her own health. Detoxing with Dani is a community for health seeking individuals to detox from all the fad dieting, food rules, and guidelines and for people learn to look within themselves and listen to what their body truly needs.

Dani graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in Agricultural Business then went on to get her education in nutrition at the Natural Healing Institute. She is currently studying to take her board exam to become a Certified Clinical Nutritionist. Dani is also the Host of the Detoxing with Dani Podcast, and when not working she is an avid home chef, spin and yoga junkie and enjoys quiet mornings at home, hiking in nature and anything food related.

Dani became her own health advocate and began researching and trying different things to find what her body needed. She believes that if you constantly ignore your intuition, it will stop talking to you. She encourages listeners to trust their intuition. Dani also discusses how stress can trigger health problems.  She encourages meditation and slowing down. Dani wants listeners to know that it’s important to listen to your gut.  Take a very honest look at what you are eating and drinking, and make adjustments including adding more vegetables, drinking collagen in your coffee, getting a good probiotic and being aware of what is in your food. One way that Dani takes the upgrade is always doing what is truest to herself. Dani is currently reading You Are A Badass At Making Money by Jen Sincero and The Liver Rescue by Anthony Williams. Dani is loving her cozy cardigan by Barefoot Dreams and her favorite healthy snack is Simple Mills crackers topped with a whipped garlicky spread, salmon and garlic stuffed olives.

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