Episode 24: Achieving The life Of Your Dreams

With Tiffany Carter

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Show notes

released Jan 30, 2019

Tiffany Carter takes the mystery out of making BIG money, while doing something you love. She uses a magnetic combination of her clear-cut communication style that she developed as a TV news journalist, her business savvy and proven strategies as a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, and her intuitive ability to connect with women on a deeper level, to uncover what’s blocking you from achieving your dream life. She’s a passionate female empowerment speaker and marketing sales specialist, responsible for more than a hundred million dollars in sales transactions. Tiffany’s zones of genius are helping women become financially free, through education, empowerment, and proven straightforward strategies.

This multi-millionaire entrepreneur went from a life of self-destruction to success, despite the odds being entirely against her. Tiffany’s mission runs deeper than helping women create wealth; her bigger purpose is to help women find their worth. Low self-worth = Low net-worth High self-worth = High net-worth The name ProjectME came to Tiffany while recovering from spine surgery ten years ago (first time she took time for herself!). Tiffany spent years masking deeply buried pain by compulsively exercising (hence the spine surgery), and working to the point of emotional, spiritual, and physical bankruptcy. Four years ago, a broken Tiffany, finally surrendered to the God of her understanding, and begged the Universe for help. She was finally ready to face the buried demons of her past. For the first time, she felt light, free, with a renewed sense of purpose. She knew ProjectME was the perfect platform to serve and support women in business. Tiffany wants women to remember the Most Exceptional project in your life, is YOU! Putting yourself and your needs first isn’t selfish; it’s a necessary act of self-care and empowerment.

ProjectME is a program to create your Most Exceptional life, by putting the focus back on you. ProjectME is designed to help you manifest the wealth, love, career, self-worth, travel, relationships, and life you desire and deserve. Tiffany is the host of the educationally edgy podcast, ProjectME with Tiffany Carter, a passionate advocate for abused women and children, and a proud Mom of two rescue dogs, Molly and Loke.   Tiffany Carter started a career as a newscaster and realized that she wanted to do something  bigger! Tiffany Shares how she sat on an idea for a business for almost 10 years before she took the leap and started her business.

In order to have a mind shift when it comes to money, here are some questions that she encourages you to ask yourself, write down the answers and find the connections. 1) What things come to mind when you think about money, bills and your childhood? 2) What things come to mind when you think about money and your current situation as far as work, spouse, or boss? 3) What things come to mind when you see people around you going on extravagant trips or when you have to pay bills?   Tiffany shares how she lost money by not having a healthy money mindset. She encourages listeners to work through the money mindset just like you would stretch before and after a workout at the gym. The stretch is just as important as the workout, and the money mindset is just as important as the hard work you put into making money. For those that are unhappy or unsatisfied in their jobs, Tiffany encourages you to start with a side hustle while you transition to an entrepreneurial job, that way you can have a steady income while you build up your business. If you don’t know what you want to do, start listening to podcasts, start dreaming, start writing and figure out what fulfills you. Tiffany’s biggest life upgrades are the little daily habits such as vision boarding or visualizing your goals and also planning. Tiffany encourages you to use a paper goal

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