Episode 30: Is sugar your drug of choice?

with Kari Coody

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Show notes

In this episode, Kari gives her favorite takeaways from “That Sugar Film”, a great documentary on the shocking facts of just how dangerous sugar is! Below is a little about the film + a link to watch it!

That Sugar Film can be found on Amazon Prime. Damian is an Australian native who films a documentary about sugar and its effect on our bodies. Damian starts off explaining that in the 1950s people started to become aware of low fat versus no sugar, and low fat won. When you remove fat from foods you have to replace it with something, and sugar is what has been added. With a 60 day challenge of eating 40 tsps. of sugar a day, Damian starts unpacking what sugar does to your body.

The sugars that Damian ate were only hidden sugars, the food had to be low fat, and he continued to work out every day.

After 15 days, Damian has gained weight only around his belly. This weight gain is going to raise his chances of liver problems and also diabetes. After 19 days, he was diagnosed with fatty liver. So, what are fructose and glucose? They are both sugars that make their way to the liver, fructose is so rare in nature your body separates it and turns the sugar into fat. Diabetes, cancer, gout, hypertension and possibly even Alzheimer’s are all illnesses that are all spurred on by sugar in your diet.

Mood swings and attention deficits were both side effects of the sugar on Damian’s body that he had not suffered from before the sugar diet.

Dopamine is the chemical in your brain that triggers happy feelings, sugar releases dopamine just like when you have a cigarette or cocaine. Damian describes the bliss point that was introduced when soda became a staple. The Bliss point is the fine point where something has just the right about of sweetness that causes us, consumers, to crave the product more.

Is a calorie just a calorie? Absolutely not! The food industry would love for you to believe this, but it’s simply not true. Damian explains the difference in processed foods and whole foods.

The fact is, your body will acclimate to sugar and you believe that your body is just fine on sugar, but once you eliminate sugar you will realize how much better your quality of life is!

Link to watch the film

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