Episode 7. doTERRA Convention Recap

with Julie and Kari

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Show notes

ReleasedOct 03, 2018

doTerra 2018 Convention Recap New products announced: 

Kids line Great for use at school- Includes flashcards and carabiners to attach oils to different things (ie, a bookbag) Oils Cover mind, body, and heart (icon on each bottle)

Thinker – focus blend, for focus and clarity

Calmer – restful blend, stress, sleep, relaxation

Stronger – protective blend, immune boosting

Rescuer- soothing blend, tension, muscles, joints

Steady – grounding blend, relaxation, mood balancing Brave- courage blend, promotes belief, courage and confidence

Balance deo Free of aluminum, talc, parabens and synthetic fragrances Citrus bliss to follow soon Baking soda/sensitive formulation in the works!!!

Hydrating mist Hydrating body mist with the beautiful blend 360 degree spray

On guard mouthwash Balances pH and reduces plaque

Copaiba softgels DOES NOT contain carrageenan and all the softgels are being converted Supports liver, cardiovascular, digestive, immune, respiratory systems

Magnolia High in Linalool (like lavender and bergamot) which is calming Calming, relaxing, eases anxious feelings Pairs well with bergamot and ylang ylang for healthy skin

Pink pepper- High in limonene – calming to the nervous system. Internal – supports healthy metabolism and immune system Promotes healthy cellular function Limonene may also support healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels when taken internally even when levels are not high Uses internal for metabolism, digestion, immunity, blood sugar, cholesterol. Topical soothing to muscle Inhale for alertness Blend with citrus or florals Fav diffuser blend: 2 drops ylang ylang, 1 drop patchouli, 1 drop pink pepper Green mandarin – pressed from the unripened fruit Cold pressed, high in limonene supportive to the nervous, digestive, immune systems Cardiovascular support due to its antioxidant properties Limonene is great for surface cleaning – add to a spray bottle Bright and energizing aroma Internal use: promotes healthy immune and nervous systems Diffuse with basil, sandalwood, lavender or spearmint to balance emotions

Turmeric Supports healthy glucose and lipid metabolism, may enhance gluathione which is a cellular antioxidant enzyme , healthy nervous system and cellular function, emotionally uplifting, reduces the appearance of blemishes This should be a staple in your daily health routine Promotes feelings of positivity, immune boosting, healthy circulation, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant support. Also supports healthy metabolism. Internal- 2 drops in a capsule Diffuse with green mandarin Topical for skin blemishes

Yarrow/Pom- Pomegranate seed oil and Yarrow promotes powerful antioxidant support, cellular, immune and nervous system, healthy metabolism This is a go to for inside out aging support, overall wellness and glowing skin. It activates skin protecting proteins inhibiting the enzymes that break down elasticity and collagen and promotes collagen production Has Puinic acid  an omega 5, antioxidants Internal – 1-2 drops daily Topical – add to skin care routine, with frankincense and cedarwood Soothing during massage

Blue due to the chamazulene doTerra is changing healthcare Partnering with doctors and medical professionals Providing never been done before research New medical clinics:

Prime Meridian,  first three to launch Arizona, Utah, Tennessee  https://pmhclinics.com/ 

Integrative medicine More time with patient No insurance payment Sourcing and testing: https://sourcetoyou.com/ 

Medical facilities are only working with doTerra because of their consistently Healing Hands Foundation (https://www.doterra.com/US/en/healing-hands-main)  OUR – Operation Underground Railroad (https://ourrescue.org/) ; https://www.doterra.com/US/en/humanitarian-our-rescue 

All proceeds from the signature HOPE blend go to the rescue, recovery, and aftercar