Episode 9. Why Mindset Matters

with Carrie Veatch, Mindset Coach

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Show notes

ReleasedOct 17, 2018

Carrie is a Mindset Coach who helps driven and heart centered souls move through their fears and live a life that they are proud of. She also owns a Gluten Free Travel Business called “For Gluten Sake”. Carrie is obsessed with community, travel, sweating it out daily, her morning coffee and stepping into a regular mindset practice.   Carrie shares why mindset is so important, how you choose to respond to negative things around you is vital, taking moments to talk calmly to yourself when you make poor choices and not sit in a negative space, and so much more! By focusing on her vocabulary and thoughts, Carrie made a mind shift and was able to eliminate negative self-talk. Developing a daily mindset practice, which includes waking up and saying a morning mantra, and writing in her gratitude journal, is a simple way that Carrie sets the tone for the day. For Carrie, “taking the upgrade” means always striving for better, but still knowing that she is good enough where she is!   Favorite book right now: A Tribe Called Bliss by Lori Harder

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