105. Know Your Worth

with Jessica Hottle

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Show notes

Growing up, health and fitness were Jessica’s outlet.  She felt like it was the only area in her life that she could control. That passion led Jessica to start her first health-related business at 22 years of age.  About this time, Jessica was introduced to Jesus.  She says that she didn’t have a sudden epiphany,  nor did her life change right away. It was a journey that changed the way she dressed, content she posted, and also how she had treated her body and how much repair it needed-spirit, soul, and physically.

Jessica shares that before beginning a relationship with Christ, she used her body/fitness for attention.  She wanted to feel seen, loved, and worthy. Accepting Christ didn’t change her life immediately.  Jessica shares that “change can only come when we are engaged in the word”. Engaging in the word and meeting a mentor in the faith helped Jessica mature emotionally and make great strides in her life.

Jessica shares how she dives in with the people she helps and exactly what it means to “weigh” less.

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Podcast: What’s The Truth? 

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