109 How I Ditched Sugar for Good

with Katie Rozier

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Show notes

Katie is a wife and mother of three and a former educator. She says her primary job is being a stay at home mom but, she also has a wellness business where she empowers people to take control of their emotional and physical health.

Katie shares that she was completely addicted to sugar. About 10 ½ years ago, Katie was working at a job that she didn’t love and found herself filling the void with sugar and poor nutritional choices.  She was stressed and not sleeping well.  On the way home from work one day, Katie heard about a book on clean eating.  She stopped that day and picked up the book. A main component of the book was cutting out sugar.  Katie just didn’t know if she could do it!

Katie decided to give it a shot and she shares the side effects she experienced during detox from sugar. The negative side effects lessened in about 2 weeks and she noticed her craving for sugar was completely gone. Katie did eventually go back to eating sugar and made the choice again later to cut out sugar and the detox phase was much shorter.

Katie shares the alternatives she has identified that allow her to still have a “treat” without feeling the negative effects and still nourishing her body.

Katie also shares how losing two family members to illnesses that started with type 2 diabetes and turning 40 made her look inward and truly decide to make a change. She has always been health minded but being consistent has been the key to her success.

Katie and Kari discuss the barriers you may face when making the decision to eliminate sugar from your diet, and also discuss the importance of preparing to guarantee success.

Katie shares her top tips for success with getting rid of sugar:

-Prepping ahead of time is key

-Clear your house of treats before you start the detox from sugar

-Meal plan for the two weeks during detox and be sure to include healthy fats

-Have healthy snack options that are easy to grab

-Make sure you are prioritizing sleep

-Make sure you are taking good supplements

-Daily movement is important

-Try to view movement as a celebration of what your body is able to do

-Get up an hour earlier than your family

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