110. Lighter from the Inside Out

with Mark Delaney

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Show notes

Mark Delaney is a speaker, trainer, and coach. He believes that there are two things that nobody should live without…great love and meaningful purpose. He and his wife, Adena, create resources to help people clarify their purpose and build loving relationships. They created two coaching programs. My Life Platform is created for couples that want to build a life together that makes a great impact on the world. They also created The Purpose Mastermind. This is a 3-week process that allows people to clearly identify their purpose. 

He loves to use stories and pictures to inspire people, so today we have asked him to tell us a story from his personal life. Mark has personally struggled with being overweight most of his life. In the past year, he went through a major transformation and today we are going to have him tell us his story. 

In this episode, Mark and Kari discuss Mark’s journey to change. Mark opens up the podcast by sharing that he feels that all people fundamentally have the same life. Step 1-I’m born, Step 2-I’m excited, Step 3-Something happens to us/from us, Step 4-Go into the bushes, Step 5-I cope.   Mark shares how he always turned to food to help him cope with whatever struggle he was facing. He shares that he believed the lie that he needed to lose weight for 30 years.

Mark reached a breaking point around 1 year ago after seeing a video of a guy, Alan Thomas, that shared his successful weight loss journey.  Mark reached out to Alan and he became Alan’s first client as a weight loss coach. Mark shared that Alan didn’t give him advice on food or exercise but instead focused on mindset. Mark and Alan figured out together what was holding him back from losing the weight/gaining weight in the first place.  Mark shares how finally being vulnerable and asking the deep questions enabled the true change to take place. He also discusses the importance of having someone to be accountable to. Mark says that “accountability just helps you go back out for the next round.” It is key to have a group of people to encourage you to keep going, even if it’s hard.

Mark shares how vulnerability and accountability brought him to one single moment where his entire life changed.

Connect with Mark at www.mylifeplatform.com

Check out his podcast My Life Platform

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