115. A Whole Health Life

with Meg Kilcup

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Show notes

Meg is a pharmacist, passionate about patient safety and preventative health. She is a “farmacist”, passionate about using REAL foods to fuel your body wholly and powerfully! Meg believes we can CREATE our own WHOLE HEALTH life.

This episode kicks off with Meg sharing the things that peaked her interest into holistic health and inspired her to start looking deeper into lifestyle changes and getting to the root of issues, not just masking symptoms.

Meg shares how each person’s journey to true health and a holistic lifestyle is unique but there are a few key things that everyone needs to consider. Changing what you put in your body, having a good foundation, and a diet that consists mainly of whole foods should be what folks start with to make a lasting change. Meg and Kari discuss how diet can prevent and even reverse disease processes.

Meg shares how her family made changes that allows for them to purchase whole foods and how important it is for our kids to see us making those positive food choices.

Meg and Kari share their hearts for people to experience the joy and true freedom that comes from a lifestyle that isn’t dependent on “quick fixes” but instead making their health the priority. Making small choices to better yourself everyday will add up over time and create lasting change!

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