120. The Secret to Seeing Your Child in a Whole New Light

with Brittany Davidson

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Show notes

Brittany is a wife and mother of 2 young children.  She is the founder of Essentially Bee, where she shares natural solutions for your natural mindset. Brittany’s life was changed by the introduction of doTERRA Essential Oils and now her mission is to empower others to live naturally!

Brittany shares how she always disliked when people would comment ” enjoy her newborn”  because when a child turns 2 things change! But unfortunately, when Brittany’s daughter was around 18 months old she noticed some unpleasant changes in her child’s behavior. Brittany found a book called The Whole Brain Child and it changed the entire way she thought about childhood. She shares how as mothers we are prepared how to handle the boo boo’s and what kind of nutrition our kids need but we aren’t really educated on how our child’s brain will change during different stages of development and the different temperament changes that may bring.

Brittany has embraced and incorporated aromatherapy to affect mood and the way she disciplines her children. When Brittany notices her child’s behavior trending to a negative space, she has a chart with pictures depicting different emotions.  The child can point to what they are feeling and Brittany has an oil available to combat those emotions. The child can choose an activity to do after to refocus their attention such as yoga, drawing, writing, sitting quietly, etc.

Brittany shares how another parenting style, gentle parenting, has shaped her approach to discipline vs. punishment. In this episode, Brittany and Kari discuss the misconceptions about what the bible says about parenting/punishment and the pressure parents feel to discipline and shape their child’s behavior.  Disciplining biblically is showing a child how to behave, verbally, not in physical punishment. Brittany wants to share the information she has learned to empower other parents/caregivers to truly learn the why behind their child’s behavior.

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