125. Finding Joy Through Sustainability

with Maria Tan

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Show notes

Maria is a thought leader, international author, motivational speaker and business coach who mentors “misfits” and “misunderstood geniuses”. Focusing on female entrepreneurs who may not “fit in”, Maria empowers women across the globe to create success tailored to their lifestyles.

Maria opens up this episode by sharing how she watched her family, full of entrepreneurs, work themselves into the ground focusing solely on making a profit. Maria learned quickly that she did not want to have a professional life like her family.  She decided that she would learn to embrace who she is and pursue her passion, focusing on what she could do and what she could sustain.

Maria and Kari discuss the importance of sustainability, in both business and life in general. Maria shares that she feels people have the knowledge to address many things, but have a problem integrating that knowledge if it’s going to take some time due to our culture of instant gratification.

Maria and Kari talk about how it is so easy to get distracted from our goals and be consumed with worry about what other people think of your goals, passions, etc. Maria encourages us to really figure out what we want and what would bring us the most joy and to stay focused on those things. Maria shares how she created 7 journal prompts that she uses to help her stay focused and centered on her goals.

7 Powerful Journal Prompts that will Center and Contain your Energy

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