130. How to prioritize your health and working out

with Emily Coffman

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Show notes

Emily Coffman is a retired Division 1 athlete, who was tired of girls feeling like they have to go on diets and strict workout plans in order to be healthy and reach their goals. She launched Girls Gone Healthy, a podcast where she helps overwhelmed girls begin the journey of getting in shape, feeling more confident in their body, and eating right.

In this episode, Emily and Julie discuss the tips below regarding how to prioritize health and movement.

  1. Know your why for living a healthier lifestyle.
  2. Make your health a hobby in your life.
  3. Focus on the “big rocks”, meaning focus on the big picture without getting discouraged with some of the small hurdles along the way.
  4. Make your health a habit. Add in new elements along the way, without making several drastic changes at once.

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