Episode 18. An invitation to transformation via the Enneagram

with Teresa McCloy, Productivity Coach

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Show notes

ReleasedDec 19, 2018

Teresa McCloy is a productivity coach and certified trainer in ‘The 12 week year’. She is also trained on the Enneagram. She works with others using her gifts through the ‘REALIFE Process’. Teresa lives with her husband, Dale, on their 4th Generation family grain farm in south central Illinois. She still drives a tractor when needed and loves a great cup of coffee or a long lingering meal with friends.      As the creator of the REALIFE Process,™ Teresa partners with her clients as a coach, consultant, and professional speaker to STOP being “productive” and discover what really matters.

As a recovering workaholic who was addicted to all the latest apps, software, and best-selling books on productivity, she is now passionate about helping entrepreneurs, creators, and leaders assess their habits and execute a REALIFE™ Process.  This process takes your everyday, ordinary life to something extraordinary! Through tools such as the Enneagram Personality Assessment and the REALIFE Process, as well as training, coaching, and consulting, Teresa serves her clients with tools and resources to move you from living with your ‘hair on fire’ to clarity about the REALIFE you want to live each day and a plan to make that happen!

Connect with Teresa:

 Instragram: @teresa.mccloy

Facebook: @CoachTeresaM

Email: teresa@teresamccloy.com

 Website:  teresamccloy.com

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