Episode 19: Building Belief in Yourself

with Dani Leithead

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Show notes

Dani is a health coach in Tampa Bay Florida and has been in the fitness industry for 12 years with a background in Psychology and Nutrition. Originally from Philadelphia and moved to Florida to go to school at Nova Southeastern University.She partnered with a global, holistic health and wellness company in 2014 to heal her body from fatigue, out of balance body and stress.

This partnership turned into a journey of mental and spiritual healing and opened up a deep desire to help women between the ages of 30-40 years old get their sexy back, while still enjoying their favorite foods. Dani specializes in helping women feel confident in their bodies, fall madly in love with themselves and their spouses, all over again.

A goal that Dani has set for herself this year is to listen to her body, if she needs a day off from working out or if her body is craving a certain food, she is trying to be mindful of her body. Dani encourages surrounding yourself with positive people who encourage you to reach your goals and become the best you that you can be. Also listening to positive podcasts and youtube videos to help get your mind in a healthy place.

Dani and Julie talk about affirmations and how powerful they are. Dani discusses the process of how she began using affirmations and how she continues to use them today!!

Meditation and Yoga are also important to Dani in her daily routine. A Gratitude Journal helped dani to slow down and think about her life and what she was thankful for. Yoga was the next step and she felt so refreshed and calm after the session. These steps allowed Dani to feel better about who she was. Dani shared that when you meditate you never completely clear your head, but it allows you to recognize your feelings whether they are positive or difficult feelings.

Taking small baby steps by acknowledging that you are here, awake and not have any preconceived notions of the morning. Saying 3 things that you are thankful for and taking one I am statement are all ways to start your day off in a positive manner.

Taking the upgrade means working through the uncomfortable, whatever that means to you,  And also acknowledging the things that you have achieved.

To Dani, non-negotiables are faith, fitness, fun and daily affirmations.

Right now Dani is reading Gabi Bernstein’s Judgment Detox

A favorite snack of Dani’s are vegetables and her favorite indulgences are ice cream and chocolate.

Connect with Dani:

  Instagram- @DaniLeithead

  Facebook @dani.nicole.7543