Episode 25. Self-Care is Healthcare;

with Julie Davey and Kari Coody

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Show notes

Released Feb 06, 2019

Join Julie and Kari as they share tips on why self-care is so important! To Julie, putting herself first and making sure that she is getting the things that she needs is crucial. Taking little steps every day, like working out, having a quiet time, and using essential oils are all rituals in her self care routine. Julie encourages women by reminding them that we all have the same amount of time, it’s all about making self-care a priority because you are your greatest investment!

For Kari, her self care journey started after she had her daughter. Kari realized that she needed to make time for herself in order to be the best mom and wife she could be. Kari wants women to know that when a woman says she doesn’t have time, she is saying that she isn’t worth it. Changing self-talk from negative words into positive words of affirmations is so important! Some self-care tips that Julie and Kari share in the episode:   Junk in =  junk out (you are what you eat) Eat whole foods that fuel your body!

Add in the things that make you feel good like water and vibrant foods. Morning Routines- getting up early before the rest of the house to have some quiet time. Pray, read a devotion, get in a good workout, write in a gratitude journal and say positive affirmations to yourself throughout your day. The life long vitality pack offered by doTERRA is foundational to health and self-care. It gives your body the nutrients it needs and craves. Before the kids get up, get the diffusers going and maybe have some music going to help set the tone for the day. Some of the oils that we love to use throughout our day are – morning- Peace, Balance, the kids blend Calmer, evening-  serenity, cedarwood. And lastly, getting good rest is so vital to our self-care so that we can have the energy and vibrancy we need!

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