Episode 27: The Power of Healing

with Ginger Butts

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Show notes

Ginger is a lover of Jesus first and foremost, empty nester with hubby of 26 years-Johnny and mom to two young adult sons-Cody and Kyle. Ginger owns a retail store and manufactures nutritious food. Ginger experienced the power of healing through God’s creation after two serious health issues and loves to declare God’s healing whenever opportunity presents itself!

Ginger started her health journey after her sons were diagnosed with asthma and she didn’t feel comfortable with the medications that were being prescribed. After a lot of prayer and research, Ginger began to treat her children nutritionally.

The most pivotal upgrade that Ginger has taken was stepping out of the box and not automatically doing what the medical system suggested but seeking God in how she nutritionally treated her children.

The one decision that brought her where she is today is deciding that her healthcare is up to God!

Ginger has a store that offers locally and organically grown food. Ginger feels like she is able to help those that come into her store by sharing her knowledge and her story.

Some upgrades that Ginger takes every day include oil pulling, prayer time, sipping on lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of ACV in hot water while doing her quiet time. After that she works out, takes a shower, has a smoothie that includes her Nourished in 5 product, and then begins her day.

Ginger wishes that people knew that God is our ultimate healer. There is power in Jesus and he wants to heal you. Invite him into your lives and He will guide you!

Ginger is currently reading a book by Michael Jacobson called The Word On Health.

Something that Ginger is loving right now is her own product called Nourished in 5

Ginger wishes that people knew that she doesn’t judge those that aren’t on her health bandwagon.

Ginger’s weakness are potato chips, and her favorite healthy snack is organic granola and also pesto.

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