47. The Effects of Technology on Our Teens With Stephanie Britt

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Show notes

Stephanie Britt is the owner and founder of Cheer Savannah and is one of Julie’s dearest friends. She is the mother of three and devotes her free time to intentional parenting and helping moms to raise champions.

Steph shares how technology has changed teenagers and growing up. The gymnast and even Steph’s own children live their lives to post on their social media. Steph has tried to find ways to use social media in a positive tone. For instance having the gymnast have someone record a video of them doing something they are proud of on the mat and then post it on social media.

Steph has a rule at the gym where she takes away the phones so that the gymnast can focus. Also at the home she does not allow phones at the dinner table.

Steph encourages parents to be active in their kid’s social media interaction and also help children be aware of the things that we need to be thankful for. Also using hurtful social media experiences to teach children how to be more empathetic when they post on social media.

It is so very important to keep an open dialogue and allow children to ask questions.

Steph’s top tips

-Take away any app that you cannot monitor like snap chat

-Set healthy boundaries and rules and explain why the boundaries are there and what the consequences of not obeying are.

-It is important to discuss reality with our children such as filters and photoshop

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