48. Enneagram + Oils: My story

with Kari Coody

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Show notes

Kari explains how oils and the Enneagram are such a beautiful relationship and really go hand in hand,  explaining how she began her Enneagram journey. Kari says “the more that I know the more that I recognize the things that I do in my daily life and why I do them”.  She encourages you to meet with an Enneagram coach to find out what number you are so that you can learn more about your true self. It is also beneficial to find out the number of your spouse, child, or those close to you, so that you can learn to navigate the relationships easier. Kari talks briefly about the different numbers in the Enneagram and how different oils work well with each number. Tune in to future podcasts to learn more about why each oil is good for each number.

One- Wild orange

Two- Bergamot

Three – Tangerine

Four- Lavender

Five -Douglas Fir


Seven- Peppermint

Eight- Arborvitae

Nine – Spearmint

Join Kari and Teresa in the next few podcasts to learn more about why these oils are so great for these numbers and also explain the Harmony Triad in more detail!!

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