49. Enneagram + Oils: Harmony triad 1-4-7

With Teresa Mccloy and Kari Coody

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Show notes

In this first part of our series Enneagram + essential oils, Teresa explains exactly what the enneagram is and what exactly the harmony triads are. We then go into harmony triad is 1, 4, and 7.

One thing that sets the Enneagram from other personality test is that the Enneagram is a tool that is both psychological and spiritual. It helps us to see ourselves in a clearer sense. The Enneagram is a journey that helps you understand why we tick the way that we do..

The number one is the body or the gut center. The Ones bring goodness to the world and seek goodness in those around them. Ones can come across as critical but they are the most critical of themselves. The oil that is best for the one is Wild Orange. Wild Orange is bright and playful and helps ones get out of their rigidity. The Wild Orange allows the one to connect to their seven.

Seven’s are the head center and the seven’s oil is the Peppermint essential oil. Peppermint oil is great inhaled and helps to get out of the funk and have a clearer mind.

The four is the heart type and desires to feel special and unique. They have the ability to be present in the emotions and get caught up in helping others. The four oil is Lavender because it helps to connect us into our heart and relax.

As far as connecting with these different numbers in your triad, make sure to use these different oils separately or even altogether as a blend or in a diffuser!

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