64. Is Keto for me?

with Mindy Spradlin

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Show notes

Mindy Spradlin is a Blue Diamond Wellness Advocate with doTERRA, the Owner of the Largest Upscale Children’s Consignment Sale in the entire Southeast US, and a Certified Ketogenic Coach. Mindy deeply loves entrepreneurship and embraces it fully! She is married to her very NON-entrepreneur husband who spends his time saving lives as an EMT. Together they have 4 kids, ranging in age from 6-15. Her sister, Mary, gifted her a Wellness Advocate account and Family Essentials Kit for Christmas one year, and Mindy was unimpressed. She didn’t touch her oils for months, but through a health crisis with her son, she slowly started opening the bottles and fell in love. Mindy was completely closed to the business aspect of doTERRA for 4 months, but as her friends began asking her more and more questions, Mindy realized that this very well could be a legitimate side business. Mindy doesn’t do a lot of things half way, and what she thought would be a side business has grown into something beyond her wildest dreams. In addition to providing amazing health tools, doTERRA has been a true blessing and given Mindy and her husband the opportunity and margin to repair and redeem an immensely damaged marriage. Mindy’s top 5 strengths are Activator, Ideation, Achiever, Futuristic, and Relator.

Mindy shares that she has struggled with her weight most of her life. Learning to address her weight issues from a place of love and not a place of hate has helped her stay motivated. The greatest upgrade that Mindy has taken has been recognizing that she didn’t want to stay where she was physically or mentally.

After having ankle surgery, Mindy knew that she needed to have a mental change to commit to and she researched and found the ketogenic diet. Mindy shares about being intentional in her choices and knowing that those choices are important for her health.

Things that Mindy does every day to live intentionally are meal planning, self care, and getting good rest. Some good resources that Mindy recommends are Craig and Maria Emmerich, Dr. Josh Axe, and Dr. Ken Berry.

The Next Right Thing is the book that Mindy is currently reading, Mindy loves Lily’s brand of chocolate, and she would love people to know that she is really an introvert.

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Website: www.mindyspradlin.com

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