69. How to Co Parent Successfully 

with Julie Ciardi

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Show notes

Julie is a life and business coach who helps mamas remember that they are more than mommy by helping them start a side hustle. She left a Fortune 500 vice president of marketing corporate job of 16 years for entrepreneurship and hasn’t looked back. Julie is the podcast host of the More than Mommy Podcast. She is also the owner & CEO of Julie Ciardi, LLC providing coaching, courses, and programs for moms.  Julie is also an Executive at EVER, a clean beauty company leading a team of amazing moms working their side hustle!

She is married and the mother to 3 children. Julie also co-parents her older 2 kids like a boss with their dad!

Julie begins the podcast by encouraging divorced moms to not refer to the children’s father as her ex-husband, but rather refer to him as their children’s father. When you have children and get a divorce, you are never truly divorced. You will still have to spend the rest of your life with that other person at celebrations, school events, and ceremonies. It really reframes the way you and your kids see their father when you refer to him that way vs my ex-husband.

Julie encourages divorced parents to stay close in proximity if possible. The children have to pack up and go to different houses every other week or whatever the schedule is, so its easier on everyone if the parents live close.

Making decisions together as co-parents as if the parents live in the same home is so very important. Staying on the same page and communicating is key to a healthy parenting relationship.

Julie encourages us to be a victor and not a victim in relationships. Choosing to let some things go and try and see the best in someone is the best way to have a healthy relationship.

Tips for being remarried and being a step-parent from Julie are to look at the relationship with a long term vision even when it’s difficult. Trying to see your child’s perspective is also important in understanding the child’s emotions.

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