71. Trusting in God’s plan

with Audra Haney

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Show notes

Audra Haney lives in Knoxville, TN with her husband Cory who is a global missions pastor and her two sassy daughters, Norah (5) and Lydia (2). Audra is also the host and producer of The 5 Minute Mom Podcast, which features short, encouraging monologues and faith-based interviews under 30 minutes. Audra spends the rest of her time changing diapers, wiping noses, and answering 5 year old questions like, “Can I get a unicorn for Christmas?” and “Will there be gluten free donuts in Heaven?”

Audra has a huge heart for moms and loves to encourage moms in their journeys.

After pursuing a career in broadcast journalism, she realized that her heart wanted to be in the ministry. God was faithful and provided a job with the Christian Broadcasting network. Audra ended up falling in love with podcasting and began The 5 Minute Mom Podcast.

An upgrade that Audra has taken is doing things God’s way and trusting that he will provide for her needs.

Some non-negotiables for Audra are finding pockets of time to have a quiet time and walking daily with the Lord.

Audra wishes that others knew that God wants to speak to you intimately and wants to answer the big questions you have, but also the little questions.

Audra is reading Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport and she cannot live without Instacart!

Audra also wishes that people knew that as a pastor’s wife she does not always have it together.

Social media is something that Audra is currently struggling with.

Audras favorite healthy snack is clean juice and favorite indulgence is Almond Joys.

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