73. Healthy Habits For Your Kids

with Crystal Karges RDN, IBCLC, Dietician

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Show notes

Crystal Karges is a registered dietitian, a mom to five beautiful children, and someone who is very committed to creating a freedom generation to help overwhelmed moms nurture a peaceful relationship with food and their bodies.

In her late teens to early 20s, Crystal struggled with an eating disorder which greatly influenced her thought about food and her body. She used these struggles as motivation to heal her own relationship with food and body. She believes that many can relate to what she experienced which is why she is so passionate in helping moms feel more confident in feeding themselves as this will also impact how they feed their kids.

Crystal gave a tip for parents to focus on this mantra “The Parents provides and the child decides” which means parents should be responsible on what they offer to their kids and expose them to a variety of different foods and put the pressure on the kid to decide whether or not they want to eat what was served.

Crystal encourages parents to let their kids play with their food, she believes this is part of the learning stages for kids to be familiarized and eventually love the foods being offered to them. Bribery tactics were also discussed during this interview.  Crystal believes that this is being practiced with well-intention and possibly some tried to replicate behaviors that they learned growing up.

Crystal highlighted the importance of language on how parents talk about food to their children. She is in favor of parents talking about anything else besides the food during meals. Being able to teach children to have a good relationship with food will help them to build confidence in this area.  It will also take the pressure and stress off from parents when they know their kids have clear thoughts on the food they eat.

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