77. From Surviving To Thriving with
Jordan English

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Show notes

Jordan was on the path to becoming an accountant so that she could provide a stable income for her daughter as a single mom. That all changed when she met her now husband and they were expecting a child together. Jordan’s plans went from becoming a Certified Public Accountant to working for her boyfriend as an Operations Manager for his real estate business.

Jordan’s desire for that stable income did not go away when she dove head first into the world of being a business owner. She immediately saw the roller coaster of income and found a way to not only stop it, but also grow it.

Through all of this, Jordan has learned that to have the life that she always dreamed of, she needed to become financially free, healthy, and a master of relationships and leveraging. 

In this podcast, Jordan shares the struggles of being a single mom at the age of 18. Feeling like an outsider and alone during a hard time motivated Jordan to go back to school and make changes in her life. 

Having the right mindset and visualizing her future helped Jordan to move forward to her goal and graduate. Jordan talks about how she continued to visualize her goals, and that has been a huge tool in accomplishing her goals, whether that is in fitness or career. 

Jordan rose above because she chose to rise above and keep moving toward her goals and dreams. Surrounding herself with people that are going to settle for more than mediocre is also a life goal of Jordans. 

Jordan also made a commitment to her health and eating better. Learning to say food affirmations to herself has allowed Jordan to cut out eating foods that we hurting her health and stick to a healthy diet. 

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