82. Sleep Like A Boss

with Christine Hansen

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Show notes

Christine Hansen is a sleep expert and best selling authors on Amazon. Her book is entitled “Sleep Like a Boss.” She has a background in functional diagnostic nutrition and initiates research in the field of sleep disorders.

In today’s interview, Christine shares different ways or approaches to deal with sleep issues. She explains how important it is to discover the root cause. She also discusses various factors to consider. She believes our diet and exercise play an important role in how well we will sleep every day.

Christine’s expertise in dealing with sleep focuses more on people with chronic sleep issues. Listening to this interview will give you insight on how mental, physical, and various body systems can contribute to our quality of sleep and how it’s all connected.

Sleeping issues are not something we can cure overnight. Christine shares ways and steps to follow to address the root cause of the problem. Great quality sleep is necessary to achieve the best version of You!

Visit her website sleeplikeaboss.com and find out how to  connect with Christine using various social media platforms. To reach her personally, you can send her an email to christine@sleeplikeaboss.com

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