84. Reallife Upgrades

with Kati Falzone

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Show notes

Want to find the real authentic you? Listen to this podcast to hear Kati’s story and be inspired! Kati is a wife, mother to an 8-year old boy and 6-year old girl, professional writer in the aerospace industry, and Silver Leader with doTERRA. She loves books, coffee, the Enneagram, and running. She’s fascinated by natural health and the human body, especially the gut, and hopes to find a way to teach our next generation of women to love their bodies from a young age. Kati began her health journey in 2015 by recognizing unhealthy patterns and taking small steps toward a healthier lifestyle. Taking care of herself, so that she can be a good example for her children is very important to Kati.

‘Falling off the wagon’ is a struggle for Kati; she shares how she gets the courage to get back on and keep going. Kati and Kari discuss the importance of community and being around people that will lift you up and encourage you to keep going. We know you will be encouraged by Kati’s words and her beautiful heart!

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