86. Real Life Upgrades

with Kearah Rambo

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Show notes

Kearah Rambo recently began working at GEICO as a licensed casualty and claims adjuster. But, her real passion is to bring awareness to the benefits of natural healthcare. Kearah began her journey to help her son, Madden, with his immunity. She soon realized that God provides everything we need to treat and nourish our bodies right here on his beautiful earth. Kearah believes that everything you do should be done with a purpose and with love. And, that is just the culture that doTERRA offers.  She is so grateful to be here sharing her story with you guys!

Kearah is a typical mom who discovers how great the impact of the essential oils are not only in her life, but also her whole family. Her child was born premature and used to have asthma attacks about every two weeks, but everything changed when they started using essential oils. This is why she decided to sharing the benefits and positive effects of essential oils with others.

Kearah remembers a time when she and her family were sick often due to weak immune systems.  Since incorporating essential oils, they have been so much healthier and rarely get sick!

Listen in as she recalls a time when her son was very ill and close to needing surgery.  She is thankful to have been introduced to natural medicine and is on a mission to empower other moms!

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