90. Prioritize Don’t Compromise

with Kari Coody

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Show notes

3 Reasons Why We Compromise &

How We Can Shift Into Prioritizing

1. Time and Energy

The #1 reason we hear that others don’t prioritize their health is time. But, what if you knew that the simple fact of feeling like there is never enough time is the very reason you SHOULD prioritize your health? What happens when we continue to be in this cycle of “there’s never any time”? Either we just bypass and do nothing because we think we have NO time OR we look for the quick fix. We do just enough to get by.  When we try to get by doing the least amount possible, it becomes the mindset of life. When we constantly ask ourselves “what’s the least I can do?”, it truly is never ending. Going the extra few inches is not even a thought. So, you start doing less and less and less. Minimalism breeds mediocrity and it will destroy your passion.

What does it look like to prioritize?

When you feel like you don’t have enough time and energy,  challenge yourself to not just do the minimum.

2. We Don’t Think Change is Possible

You’ve tried ALLLL the things and nothing has worked.You have seemingly proven to yourself over and over again that you cannot do it.

What does it look like to Prioritize:

When you feel like change isn’t possible, remember who is on the other end of that rope pulling you back down… and LET GO! Healthy, Godly discipline will follow when we trust His plans for us and remember who this is all about anyway- it’s about serving and glorifying Him! It’s not about us.

3. Not Believing We are Worth It

When you compromise and settle for less, not believing you are worth it, you forget whose you are! You were wonderfully made in His image. When you keep on believing that you aren’t worth it, the enemy wins. Make no mistake,  the enemy doesn’t want you to make better choices -choices that honor God- in any area of your life. He wants you to stay overwhelmed, confused, low energy and in that constant state of “tug a war”. That means you are DISTRACTED from where and what God is calling you to.   He wants you to stay in this cloud. With your eyes and hearts closed to it. He wants you to think you don’t have time.

What does it look like to prioritize:

When you don’t think you are worth it- remember whose you are, what you’re fighting for and that it won’t always be easy.

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